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SVO Community Support Program

January 8, 2024

What is the SVO Community Support Program?

Content creators are essential for a thriving and engaging fan community. Without them, Shadowverse would be nothing. That’s why we launched the SVO Community Support Program: to give back to those that support us and recognize their efforts with in-game rewards. Apply today by following the three simple steps below!

What kind of content can I submit?

You are welcome to submit anything to the SVO Community Support Program provided that it meets the minimum requirements listed below:

  • All submissions must be related to Shadowverse.
  • All submissions must be in the supported Shadowverse game languages (English, French, Italian, German, or Spanish).
  • All submissions must have been made public during the time period of the latest expansion.
  • Submissions must not contain unauthorized reproduction or plagiarism of other people’s work.
  • Submissions must not be made for advertising or promotional purposes.
  • Submissions must not contain misleading or false information.
  • Submissions must not contain hateful language or behavior toward in-game characters, organizations, or other members of the community.
  • Submissions must not violate the Shadowverse Terms of Service.
  • Applicants must read and agree to the SVO Community Support Program Important Notice.

Meeting these criteria does not always guarantee eligibility for rewards. Any exploitation of the rules may lead to stricter guidelines or even the termination of the program. Terms and conditions apply.

What rewards can I get?

Successful applicants will receive a maximum of 10 card pack serial codes from the next expansion when it releases. This number resets after every major expansion. Additionally, the number of codes you receive depends on the number of submissions and the type of content submitted. Here are some examples:

Don’t see your content listed above? Submit it anyway! All submissions will be checked by the SVO Community Support Team for approval. Community tournaments are also eligible for additional rewards depending on the number of participants. Please see the Community Tournament Support page for more information.

How do I know if I’ve been approved?

You will receive an email from once we’ve confirmed your submission. Upon reviewing your content, we will send another email to confirm whether your submission has been approved for rewards or not.

When do I get my rewards?

Your card pack codes will be sent in the same email.

Where can I apply?

Click the image below to fill out the form and submit your content to the SVO Community Support Program today!

Changes for Throwback Rotation

Since the launch of Throwback Rotation in July, we are operating the Community Support Program with the following changes:

  • The maximum rewards will reset with every season, but the 10 card pack code per person limit remains the same.

SVO Community Support Program FAQ

Is there a limit to the amount of content I can submit?

There is no limit to the amount of content you can submit, but there is a 10 card pack code per person per expansion limit in terms of rewards. Once you reach the 10 code limit, your rewards will not reset until the next major expansion. We’ll keep track of all of your submissions regardless of the reward limit, though, so feel free to share all of your content with us!

I made something during the previous expansion but forgot to submit it. Am I eligible anyway?

Rewards are given out at a maximum of 10 card packs per person per expansion. Only content made public during the period of the latest expansion is eligible for rewards. Unfortunately, once the submission deadline passes, content made during the previous expansion becomes ineligible for rewards.

If I boot up MS Paint and send in a quick 20 second masterpiece, am I eligible for rewards?

While we are very interested in all of your MS Paint masterpieces, we are looking to reward applicants who have had a positive influence in the SVO community as a whole. If you can incorporate your masterpiece into a video or a stream, or even share it on social media where it can be seen by more people than just us, then there is a good chance that your content will be eligible for rewards.

Do I have to use the codes myself? Can I do a giveaway?

You are free to use your codes however you want, either by redeeming them yourself or giving them away through social media. That being said, selling codes is explicitly not allowed. Creators found to be selling codes will be removed from the program and lose all future eligibility.

I have further questions regarding the program. What is your contact email?

Please contact us at