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Order Shift Mini-expansion Day 1 Compilation (Rotation)


November 17, 2023

Magachiyo Forest

Source: TS Essia
Deck Builder Link: Deck Link

Magachiyo Forestcraft is an OTK deck that's existed around the edge of the meta throughout the entirety of the Order Shift expansion, and with the introduction of Durga, the deck has the ability to control the board much better and kill through stronger boards.

Gameplan: You aim to start playing 4 cards per turn on turn 4, or turn 3 if you have Winged Inversion. Additionally, you want to reduce the cost of Warden of Recurrencein order to OTK on turn 6 or 7 with Magachiyo. Additionally, you have some very strong control tools with Lily, Crystalian Brilliance and Durga to extend the game if you need to.

Mulligan: The most important card to keep is Budding Initiate as she's your draw engine. Additionally, keeping Freyja is a good idea as she can draw Budding Initiate.

Loot Sword

Source: ジャジャ麺's 11 Win Streak
Deck Builder Link: Deck Link

While Swordcraft did get new cards, none of them are impactful enough to change Swordcraft's strongest deck away from Loot Sword.

Gameplan: Loot's gameplan is still the same: activate Rogers, Ruler of the Seas as soon as you can (usually), then assemble a large damage push with Dread Pirate's Flag from Barbaros, Briny Convict and Tidal Gunner. Additionally, Seeker of Love or Spellscourger can both provide a small bit of extra damage on your lethal turn, and Tears of Tribulation is a small bit of survivability that helps the deck with its rally portion. You can see a more in-depth guide written by Paperflare and Buttercup here.

Mulligan: The mulligan hasn't changed at all - keep Rodgers, and everything else is situational.

Dirtboost Runecraft

Source: ふろにき☕'s 15 Win Streak
Deck Builder Link: Deck Link

Earth Rite Runecraft has been around ever since the buffs to Multielemental Neophyte and Golem Lord. Dirtboost is a new archetype that arises by combining a large amount of the current Earth Rite core with the Spellboost core, primarily powered by the new legendary Eir.

Gameplan: Dirtboost aims to focus on accelerating the Golem count for Golem Lord's end of turn effect, then playing Golem Lord on 5. Then, you aim to reanimate Golem Lord with Eir and use either an additional Golem Lord or Simael, Cleansing Enforcer alongside Crushing Rain to help finish out the game.

Mulligan: The most important card to mulligan for is Familiar's Pact as it both draws your Golem Lord and summons an Earth Sigil for you to be able to play Golem Lord's Accelerate effect. Only then can you keep additional cards like Multielemental Neophyte or Ultramarine Witch.

Discard Dragon

Source: Rod's Day 1 Mini Expansion List
Deck Builder Link: Deck Link

Discard Dragon is back, and with the introduction of Spoiled Mermanager, you're able to survive into your Lumiore, Prestigious Gold turns and eventually kill your opponent.

Gameplan: You want to ramp early with Dragon Oracle, Waterwyrm's Blessing, and Argente, Purest Silver to activate Lumiore as fast as possible. While doing this, you want to maintain your HP using Spoiled Mermanager and Mermaid Songstress, eventually finishing out the game with a combination of Lumiore, Uranus, and the one copy of Forte & Miriam, Bondforged.

Mulligan: You want to keep early ramp such as Oracle, Waterwyrm's, and Argente. Solo keeping Argente is something that's heavily debated, but if you have Augite Wyrm alongside either Lillium, the Wyrmwitch or Spoiled Mermanager, then keeping Argente is a certainty.

Ghost Shadow

Source: 絆 読み's 11 Win Streak
Deck Builder Link: Deck Link

With the introduction of Slayer of the Dead, Ghost Shadow is back with an additional consistency boost.

Gameplan: You aim to maximize Ghosts from a variety of sources in your deck, one of the strongest engine cards being Masquerade Ghost. You use these Ghosts to chip your opponent down in range to kill them with Ghastly Banishment, alongside some chip from Hellfire Strike.

Mulligan: You want to keep your early curve, especially since Lucius, Travelled Trainer is one of your strongest cards in the earlygame. As a result, keeping Frejya is fine, and same with keeping Loyal Ghost Pup.

Wrath Blood

Source: リグゼ's 13 Win Streak
Deck Builder Link: Deck Link

Wrath Blood has been around the fringes of the meta for some time, and with the introduction of Rouge & Verte, Werekin, the deck gets both an additional survivability boost and extra damage on the Garodeth, Insurgent Convict turn.

Gameplan: You go through the early game using your Wrath activators, aiming to usually activate Wrath on turn 4 or 5. Additionally, you have both a strong draw and board clear card in Raging Commander, strong damage and survivability cards in both Howling Demon and Diabolous Hedone, and honestly a strong combination of the three in Rouge & Verte, Werekin. Eventually, you want to deal damage to yourself 4 times on the turn you play Garodeth while aiming for a near OTK.

Mulligan: Card draw that activates wrath is the most important, so keeping Harmonic Wolf, Howling Scream, and Demon Maestro is important. You can keep other cards situationally, so be mindful of those tricky matchups where you'd keep other cards like Demonic Drummer.

Evo Portal

Source: えにぐま's 10 Win Streak
Deck Builder Link: Deck Link

Evo Portal disappeared once Robopup rotated, but with the introduction of Anthenita, Spark of Chaos and her ability to copy key evolve enablers like Alice, Wandering Dreamer and Robotic-Arm Rescuer, the deck is back on the radar.

Gameplan: You want to evolve as quickly as you can in order to enable Shin, Enemy of Chaos primarily through your 1 and 2 cost evolutions such as Kyrie, Fragment of Hope, fusions for Robotic-Arm Rescuer, Blooming Dancer, and Sweeper Doll. Once you activate Shin, you want to push the rest of the damage with any of Alice, Synthetic Eden, and follow up Shins. Some lists even run Grimnir, Divine Stormspear to help finish out the game.

Mulligan: Robotic-Arm Rescuer is one of your most important cards, so keeping Freyja is helpful. After that, you aim to keep low curve that's relevant to the matchup - Faerie Marionette in aggressive matchups, Dreamer Puppet, and Kyrie can all be kept situationally.